Academy Info

Academy students are expected to be dignified, polite and respectful at all times.  

Bowing is not part of the training in BJJ or MMA classes.  Aiki students will be instructed on proper bowing etiquette.  

The instructor of any BJJ or MMA class may be addressed either as "Sensei" or by his/her name.  "Sensei" is to be used in all Aiki classes.

Students are expected to respect the instructor of the class at all times, and must immediately comply with all instructions without hesitation. Any order to leave the mat must be accepted immediately.  This is a safety issue.

While training, it is the responsibility of every student to respect and protect their training partner from injury.  Never train more aggressively than your partner is able to endure.

Within 14 days of registration, all students must obtain a proper fighting gi.  For classes that may include "no-gi" techniques. students should come prepared with an acceptable t-shirt in their gear bag. Acceptable t-shirts are either all white, or official Spartan Tees available at the Studio.  

Students are expected to arrive for class with a clean gi. Getting on the mat with dirty training gear is disrespectful and unacceptable. Additional clothing requirements can be found in your registration package.

Any student injured during training must immediately report the injury to the class instructor. No exceptions.  This is a safety issue.

Martial training provides a positive life-influence to practitioners.  

Training should be fun, enjoyable and rewarding. However, it requires discipline of both mind and body.  Students must enter training with serious respect for the lessons being taught and shared.